Trixter helped ITES Company improve their overall Security Posture

A healthcare service provider that specializes in medical transcription and EHR has gone through a digital transformation by migrating their workloads to AWS from their Data Centre. Post migration, they engaged Trixter to help them get a view on their risk profile w.r.t cyber exposure and to help them manage and mitigate the cyber risks

The Challenge

For cloud risk assessments and management, we made use of framework that is an amalgamation of NIST and SANS framework. We began by identifying the resources that are being consumed on the cloud. Post that, we began our assessment by identifying the security gaps, conducting benchmarking exercises, identifying misconfigurations and conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Post identification, we created a risk register sorting our results based on the severity of the risk and propose a remediation plan to mitigate the
identified risks.

The Solution

  • Broader visibility of the cloud environment from a security perspective.
  • Early and timely detection of vulnerabilities and fixing of these vulnerabilities.
  • Risk based approach to continue reviewing the security posture of the cloud environment.
  • We became a trusted risk manager for them and we are now continuously monitoring their infrastructure.

Tools and Technologies Used

  • AWS
  • ISO 27001
  • NIST
  • SANS
  • Risk Management Framework