Cyber Incident Response


What is Cyber Incident Response?

Cyber Incident Response is a methodology an organization uses to respond to and manage a cyber attack.  An efficient incident response plan (IPR) aims to reduce this damage of an attack and recover as quickly as possible. Attacks may be in various forms, the top 3 are mentioned below :

Destructive attacks

Attacks solely intended to cause the victim organization hardship by making information or systems unrecoverable such as (DDoS) or phishing attacks.

Insider threats

Unethical or unlawful activity performed by employees, vendors and other insiders causing damage to organization’s cyber reputation.

Financial crime

Payment card data theft, illicit ACH/EFT cash transfers, extortion and ransomware causing direct financial losses to the organization

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What Cyber Incident Response means for you

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    Incident Response Plan

    In this phase, organizations set up their policy, response plan, communication, documentation, team, access controls tools and training.

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    Detection of Threat

    This phase involves detecting unusual activity and determining whether or not it qualifies as a security incident.

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    Damage Containment

    Once you acknowledge that an incident has occurred, your next step should be to prevent any additional damage.

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    Damage Retraction

    Next, you should remove malicious code and repair the damage caused to your systems and networks.

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    Attack Recovery

    After the problem has been resolved, organizations should bring the affected systems back online slowly and carefully, taking steps to make sure that the incident won’t reoccur immediately.

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    Harden Systems

    Finally once affected, systems are functioning normally, the team should document the incident and look for ways to prevent similar attacks.

Our Approach

We will help in implementing programs that will help to build resilience against cyber attacks and also extend emergency support in detecting, containing, and mitigating attacks.The following processes will help you become Incident Resilient:

  • Investigation to crisis management

    Carry out Thorough technical investigation, containment and recovery coupled with crisis and communications management to handle internal politics, brand protection and legal liability.

  • Leverage Threat Intelligence

    Understand who is on your network and why, to improve your response to current and future attacks.

  • Remediation planning and execution

    Accelerate recovery time and begin remediation immediately with a well-constructed plan to spend less time planning and more time in executing.

  • Compromise Assessment

    Examine your computing environment for malicious activity to uncover attack history and breach exposure, enabling you to identify or confirm compromised data and initiate proper response.

  • Tabletop Exercises

    Incident scenarios viz. system compromise, unauthorized access of PII, policy violations, inappropriate emails are simulated to evaluate your organization’s response processes from detection to closure.

Building the Right Foundation for your organization’s security is vital. Let’s get started

As threats become more sophisticated and pervasive, organizations must improve their resilience through better preparation.

They need to be sure they can remediate as swiftly as possible – containing the attack, mitigating attacker access – and getting back to business as soon as possible.

Our IR Team ensures your organization is ready to take on cyber incidences with a strong I.T. backing.