Metals, capital goods, chemicals, consumables and electronics industries are fast becoming prone to cyber security risks as investments in manufacturing systems that incorporate connected devices, or Internet of Things (IoT), increase. Defending IoT assets is the most challenging, as they have disparate functions and abilities. Trixter works with manufacturing firms to ascertain their connected devices are threat-proof and also helps inculcate a cyber secure culture within the various systems and processes of the organization.

Benefits to your organization

Manufacturers have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks after shifting to Cloud infrastructure and services,. Increased digital connectivity means manufacturers face threats from various quarters. That's where we come in.

  • Industrial control systems

    Almost one-third of manufacturers have not performed any cyber risk assessments specifically focused on the ICS operating on their shop floors. This could pose a significant risk to their operations. Trixter team would help create an overall inventory of all connected devices including ICS that are attached to those network segments.

  • Protect Intellectual property

    Theft of intellectual property ranks as the second most important cyber threat faced by manufacturers. IP theft also ranks closely with consumer data as the top sensitive data theft for manufacturing companies. Trixter helps in protecting sensitive data with a comprehensive data protection strategy.

  • Protecting Connected products

    Trixter helps assess the value add for new connected product functionality, prior to its mainstream release. We also help determine whether cyber threat monitoring and war gaming simulations/resiliency exercises are comprehensive enough to cover top cyber risks.

  • Cyber Risk Assessment

    Performing regular internal phishing tests as an assessment and awareness tool to better identify these attacks when they occur. Implement threat, behavior and audience-based, concise learning programs with active user engagement to maximize attention and retention.


Transforming your security in 3 systematic steps

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    Identify the various information assets that could be affected by a cyber attack (such as hardware, systems, laptops, customer data and intellectual property), and then identify the various risks that could affect those assets.

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    Reduce a cyber-asset’s susceptibility to cyber-attack over a range of attack Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) associated with the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

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    Build Resilience

    Build system within an organization to withstand, respond to, and recover from a cyber-attack or data breach in future.