A major chemical distributor and manufacturer undergoes Digital Transformation to safeguard it’s IP

A prime distributor and manufacturer of dyes and chemicals had recently decided to upgrade and upscale their cyber security capabilities by choosing to evaluate next generation solutions and services such as EDR (endpoint detection and response), DLP+ZTNA (network protection) and conditional/approval based access to applications and services for their employees to tighten their control on their intellectual property and other financial data. They engaged Trixter to help them evaluate and implement these solutions and services onto their Data Centre

The Challenge

We began by understanding the challenges they were trying to solve and then conducted an assessment on their existing tool set to identify the priorities in which existing tools need to be either upscaled or replaced. We then began evaluating various platforms and solutions that would specifically address their challenges. Once the tool(s) were identified, PoC’s were conducted and a complete validation of the use-cases was completed. We were not only their evaluation partners but also helped them with the implementation of these tools to ensure a smooth transition to new tools and services.

The Solution

  • Broader visibility and control of their data and IP.
  • Fine tuned monitoring and locking of access to their information.
  • Added capabilities of detecting and responding to threats at the end-point level to thwart any attempts of compromise of wider corporate network.
  • Added not only threat detection capabilities but also threat hunting and threat remediation capabilities onto their tool stack.

Tools and Technologies Used

  • Netskope
  • CrowdStrike
  • TH-SOC
  • Okta