Trixter helped Allsoft improve their overall Security Posture of their IT infrastructure running on AWS

Allsoft, a leading application development business, that mainly caters to public sector clients specializes in building web and mobile applications. The company was looking for a security solution and service to detect and resolve issues within their cloud environment on AWS.

The Challenge

Being one of the leading web and mobile application development business in India, the Allsoft team was struggling with the process of security best practices monitoring and taking proper actions on the critical issues being generated across systems hosted on their AWS account. Since it is working with multiple third parties, and to monitor if the security best practices are being followed as per the compliance requirement or not. The internal security team faced challenges in monitoring their compliance posture continuously in the fast-changing dynamics apropos of the public cloud.

The Solution

Trixter first got an understanding of the services within their AWS environment. Once Trixter got a clear idea of their infrastructure, they began running the assessments on the AWS environment. The assessment was conducted against a checklist of controls derived not only by AWS, but also from RBI,NIST, SANS and CIS. These assessments were partially automated and partially conducted manually, the reason for doing this was to ensure that all the parameters are being covered. Our assessment not only found the security GAPS and improvement areas but also helped Allsoft optimize their cost of running services on AWS. Trixter not only help Allsoft team identify the GAPS but also helped them remediate these GAPS to further improve their overall cloud security posture.

Benefits Gained

  • Leveraging Trixter’s cyber capabilities, Allsoft saw reduced efforts and costs of conducting AWS WAR review for best practice checks on their account.
  • Customer tailored checks were performed as per Allsofts requirement.
  • The solution enabled Allsoft to improve compliance by over 30%, post-second round of remediation.
  • Automated checks enabled Astro to see a reduction in audit efforts from weeks to a few hours.

Value Additions

  • Compliance posture improved by 34%.
  • The audit efforts of architects was reduced from weeks to a few hours.

Services Used

  • Automated compliance monitoring tool
  • User access monitoring tool
  • Customized compliance builder panel

Client Testimonial

“It’s been just 2 months that we have been working with Trixter for auditing security best practices of our AWS account. The compliance reports from Trixter facilitates our team in ceaseless monitoring and identifying security loopholes in a continuously changing environment.”
-Nitin Kabra, CEO