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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Zero-Trust Framework

Organisations often find themselves in a sudden cybercrime scenario, not knowing how or when they landed there. Cybercriminals’ best card is anonymity, which is incidentally a cyber police’s worst enemy. How, then, can we protect ourselves from the impending cybercrimes and data thefts that are shaking the organisational space? 

Zero – Trust Framework, A Concept    

It’s in the name; zero trust. The zero-trust framework is a strategic security system that eliminates the idea of trust. The fundamental principle of this concept is to “never trust, always verify”.

Trust No One

The notion of this architecture first came into existence by John Kindervag, who realised how flawed the traditional security system’s principles were, which brings us to our next point. 

Traditional Approach vs the Zero – Trust Approach

It is observed that conventional security systems majorly function on the belief that everything and everyone, aka, the insiders of an organisation, can be trusted. Insiders have all the freedom to perform ill-intended activities without attracting a speck of suspicion.

The loophole in the traditional model is countered by the Zero-trust model, which heavily relies on the concept of eliminating trust and reducing the scope of crime. 

Trust meme

Zero – Trust Model – How it Works  

The zero-trust framework first identifies and understands the data, users, applications, and traffic in an organisation’s system. In-depth analysis of such information helps determine the key areas that require protection, and additional layers of security are then added where most attacks might occur. In simple terms, the model understands the organisation’s digital layout and deploys a protective layer around the data to secure it. 

Zero-Trust Architecture for your Organisation 

A common misconception is that zero-trust is perceived to be an expensive and complicated affair. In reality, the framework is built according to your organisation’s existing technological features and shall merely complement them. It is a security system that is also extremely easy to implement and conduct. The Zero-Trust framework is indeed a step-up to your organisation’s security system as a holistic model that tracks your entire system and substantially reduces risk.

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While the zero-trust framework is quite simple to deploy, it is always better to have trusted experts take care of your security needs. We at Trixter believe in providing our clients with expert cybersecurity services and protecting them from cyber attacks in the best possible way. 

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