Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

VAPT: Cultivating a Safe Cyberspace

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are valuable tools that help strengthen information security frameworks and are vital to any threat and vulnerability management process. Both perform two...

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Your Quick Guide to All-Things-Pegasus

If you’re wondering if ‘Pegasus’ is all over the news because everyone is suddenly obsessed with the mythical creature, we’re here to clear the air.  What is Pegasus? Pegasus was developed by veterans of Israel...

Cyber security Practices
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4 Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Work

This pandemic, quite many companies have shifted their operations from in-office to remote working, willfully or not. As you work from home, you must be aware of the risks associated with remote work, especiall...

Zero Trust Framework
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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Zero-Trust Framework

Organisations often find themselves in a sudden cybercrime scenario, not knowing how or when they landed there. Cybercriminals’ best card is anonymity, which is incidentally a cyber police’s worst e...

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Cybersecurity Tips for Work from Home

Along with a colossal shift in productivity, work from home has brought on a huge threat to personal data. Remote systems have made this data more vulnerable for hackers to infiltrate and take advantage of.  Wi...

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4 Common Social Media Scams and How to Avoid Them

Social media has become an integral part of our routine, it’s almost like we cannot survive without it. The days of face-to-face interactions are long gone. Virtual life is the only life we have anymore &...

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Top Cybersecurity Challenges for the Indian Armed Forces

Cyber Security in Defence and Intelligence is at the forefront of cyber-security risk, under constant attack and operating in inherently risky or hostile environments the defence and intelligence community is b...

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5 Cybersecurity challenges for Accounting Firms & How to Deal with them

In this era of digitalization, businesses from every sector are exposed to a variety of targeted security attacks. However, accounting firms are more susceptible to security threats than firms from other indust...

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Here’s how Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN) can help fight Man in the Middle Attacks

Eavesdropping is pretty common but virtually eavesdropping on someone without them knowing is increasing lately. Cybercriminals are now greatly resorting to Man-in-the-Middle attacks to gain confidential inform...

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Here’s why 2021 will be even bigger for Ransomware threats

Ransomware has been a destructive threat targeting businesses, government agencies, schools, and individuals. The ransomware attacks gained greater traction and diversity in 2020, and are expected to bring abou...