Incidence Response

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Cyber Safety Cyber security Incidence Response Quick Tips

Building a Cyber Resilience Framework

Data security has become the global goal of companies because of the increasing cyberattacks and data breaches. Data is one of the valuable assets. Cybersecurity resilience is the best defence for an organizati...

Cyber Safety Incidence Response

Mitigation Strategies for Cyber Attacks for Small Businesses

Most modern businesses have incorporated cybersecurity solutions into their operations to increase efficiency. In general, administrative, accounting, marketing, communication and clerical tasks in companies ar...

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Incidence Response

The Ultimate Guide to Incident Response.

In my 2 year stint at Deloitte, I’ve often come across huge organizations looking to chalk out an Incident Response Plan for them. To a layman or to even a businessman, Incident Response Plan (IRP) is an ...