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Wrapping up Cybersecurity lessons for 2020

2020 was a rough year for enterprise cybersecurity teams. The coronavirus pandemic brought in lifestyle and distributed workforce changes, which resulted in increased cyberattacks and cyber threats. Brainstorming strategies and re-thinking of approaches had to be done from scratch to secure the remote workers. 

Here are 6 key cybersecurity takeaways from 2020:


1) Security Operations Centers Need Recalibration

The pandemic put immense pressure on an already overburdened security operations centers (SOCs) due to the global shift to remote working. SOCs need to implement next-gen, cloud-based virtual infrastructures better equipped to address the requirements of the workforce working remotely.

2) CYOIT – Choose-Your-Own-IT

Following in the footsteps of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), there has been a shift to choosing your own IT model during the pandemic. CYOIT will encourage firms to focus more on the data and give them the flexibility to choose between different cloud-based applications. 

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3) SaaS has become a bigger attack target

SaaS applications have become a bigger target this year as organizations shifted data to the cloud to support virtual workforce. The shift was noticed by hackers and threat actors. With all the changes that Covid-19 brought, less time has been spent on securing SaaS applications.


4) Zero-Trust Initiatives are gaining traction

The zero-trust security model ensures that all the access requests to enterprise data, internal or external, are fully evaluated and authenticated. This strategy resulted in less unauthorized access requests and prevented data breaches. 


5) Ransomware raises New Management Issues

Ransomware has been a common cyber threat for years. It sure experienced an upsurge during the pandemic and also raised a new management issue – Will the corporate insurance pay extortion demands? It is challenging for organizations to recover damages from cyber insurers.

6) Non-Security events can have a big impact on security

Do we need to mention the non-security event that happened this year and caused disruption in the cybersecurity world? The massive shift to remote working made security leaders refocus their efforts around securing the virtual workspace. 


The pandemic revealed new flaws in the enterprise cybersecurity preparedness. These lessons are a call to action to strengthen preparedness before the next cyber event, no one knows when. While the pandemic was a wake-up call for security measures this year, a significant cyberattack could be the next. 


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