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What is Cyberwarfare? How does it affect you?

Cyberwarfare refers to the use of digital attacks – like computer viruses and hacking – by one country to disrupt the vital computer systems of another, with the aim of creating damage, death and destruction. A well-planned attack could alter stock prices, knock out traffic light systems, knock out emergency services, shut down the airport, weaken military responsiveness and disrupt the economy.

Cyberwarfare attacks can be launched instantly making it difficult to counter. These cybersecurity trends are too dangerous to ignore. The government is increasingly being aware of such attacks and racing towards improving their cybersecurity. Any digital attack against a country’s traditional defences will give cybercriminals a way of bypassing a country’s traditional defences.


Like other warfares, Cyberwarfare in its purest sense can be understood as a conflict between nations or states and not individuals. To call an attack a cyberwarfare, it should qualify to be of a significant spread and extremity. Since, there are no international laws that govern the use of cyberweapons, the legal status of this new warfare is still blurred. 

Under the pressure of cyberwarfare, the governments of many countries have revealed an operable and effective national security policy to ensure the security of their information in cyberspace. Here are a few strategies:

1) Creating a secured cyber ecosystem

2) Creating cybersecurity awareness

3) Encouraging open standards

4) Creating an assurance framework

Moreover, as a company, you should strengthen your cybersecurity to reduce the attacks. Here are a set of initiatives which should be followed to ensure company and national security:

1) Making it difficult to breach data and networks

2) Rapidly detecting, examining and expelling cyberattacks

3) Building a hostile environment

4) Rapidly redressing the effects of breaches and returning to business operations faster

5) Enabling public and private sector cooperation

6) Using legal hackers as your resource

One of the ways countries are preparing to defend against cyberwarfare is with giant cyber defence wargames, which pit a ‘red team’ of attackers against a ‘blue team’ of defenders.


Some argue cyberwar will never take place; others argue cyberwar is taking place right now. The truth is of course somewhere in the middle.

The latest technology and trends are surging the counts of cyberattacks across countries, but there is no need to stop adopting and adapting to technology. Determining a few ground rules, raising cybersecurity awareness, and maintaining healthy cybersecurity practices will help to mitigate huge losses. 

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