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Top 5 Cybersecurity Myths Busted!

The term “Cybersecurity” has lately been overused. Sometimes, the quick yet long-term spread of information results in myths that can potentially be very dangerous to a business. This is why we have compiled this list here, to be and to keep everyone well-informed.

1. “Cyber risk” is a separate category of risk.

 There’s no such thing as “cyber risk” – it’s risk. The concept of cybersecurity risk isn’t useful by itself, and treating it as a separate form is a distraction you can’t afford.

2. Using antivirus software is enough.

AV might have worked in 1997, but 20 years later it sure won’t. Hackers have found multiple ways to subvert antivirus software and hide their own attacks in a system, in many cases for an average of six months. In today’s world of quick and persistent threats, a prevention mindset to mitigate both known and unknown threats is essential. AV is terribly outdated.

3. You’ll never get attacked or breached. 

This kind of thinking – that it will never happen to me – is almost a guarantee that it will. It’s equally unwise to have total confidence in the strength of one’s security and especially one’s security devices. There’s no such thing as perfect security – the key here is resilience. That’s the ability to take a hit and keep going, or in certain cases failure, to default to a protected state.

4. Protecting yourself is good enough.

 Some of the biggest headline-grabbing breaches of recent years involved third parties or organizations subordinate to the entity that was hacked. Everything in your ecosystem, from subcontractors to subsidiaries, vendors, and accounting firms, can be a threat vector. Security is only as strong as the weakest link, and sometimes that weak link is beyond your four walls.

5. Digital and physical security are separate systems.

In today’s automated world, more and more devices are getting connected and being controlled digitally. It’s now common for attackers to modify device software and potentially destroy physical infrastructure – at a minimum, creating tremendous inconvenience with potentially catastrophic consequences.


Uninformed decisions can sometimes be worse than no decisions. With the rise in Work-from-home, AI, and digital technologies, it is important to understand and make the correct decisions.

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