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The rise of Automotive Hacking: How to secure your vehicles against hacking

A hacker taking control of your car remotely and stealing it seems straight out of a movie script. But, that is exactly what is happening in reality in the past few years. Hackers have adapted themselves to this new tech and have found ways to hack it, obviously. As technology is advancing every minute, modern cars are becoming increasingly advanced and automated. But are modernized cars really secure?

There have been certain cases where cybercriminals were prosecuted for using a laptop to hijack Jeep cars. It is very easy for hackers to take control of the vehicle, steer it, change gears, engage the brakes, and steal it. After experimenting with connected vehicles for years, security researchers have concluded that automated cars are vulnerable to several risks. Experiments have shown that cars can be compromised with different methods, through remote or physical access, or the vehicle’s supporting app. Hacking the vehicle also gives the cybercriminals access to the owner’s trip data, which owners might want to keep private.

In the industry, premium electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors focuses more on cybersecurity than other manufacturers, and their cars have a reputation for being hard to hack.

What can be done to prevent such attacks?

Manufacturers have been shielding their research and development, but because of this issue, players in the industry are sharing resources and collaborating on better cybersecurity practices. They have established the Auto Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) and outlined guidelines that will help manufacturers and suppliers be more prepared for cybersecurity issues.

The practices outlined by Auto-ISAC include:

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Security by design
  • Threat detection and protection
  • Incident response and recovery
  • Training and awareness
  • Collaboration and engagement with appropriate third parties

These practices provide a strong framework that will allow the manufacturers to share information, as well as analyze any threat, and instantly develop solutions. It is a crucial step forward and a solid strategy in the fight against automotive cybercrime.


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