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VAPT: Cultivating a Safe Cyberspace

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are valuable tools that help strengthen information security frameworks and are vital to any threat and vulnerability management process. Both perform two...

Emotet Malware
Cyber security

Emotet: The Malware Nobody is Talking About

What is Emotet Malware? First detected in 2014, Emotet is a computer malware program initially developed as a banking Trojan to access foreign devices and spy on sensitive private data. Once infected, the malwa...

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Your Quick Guide to All-Things-Pegasus

If you’re wondering if ‘Pegasus’ is all over the news because everyone is suddenly obsessed with the mythical creature, we’re here to clear the air.  What is Pegasus? Pegasus was developed by veterans of Israel...

Cyber security Practices
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4 Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Work

This pandemic, quite many companies have shifted their operations from in-office to remote working, willfully or not. As you work from home, you must be aware of the risks associated with remote work, especiall...

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Cyber Safety

9 Stats that prove Cyber Security is a Serious Concern for Businesses.

Just as pollution was the side effect of the industrial revolution, so are the many security vulnerabilities that come with the increased internet connectivity. Cyber attacks are the exploitation of those vulne...