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Cybersecurity Tips for Work from Home

Along with a colossal shift in productivity, work from home has brought on a huge threat to personal data. Remote systems have made this data more vulnerable for hackers to infiltrate and take advantage of. 

With 65% of the global population working remotely, it is crucial that they know about safe practices for their new workplace. Here are a few tips. 

Update your devices

Software and application updates on your smart devices are usually meant to fix previous security bugs and enhance stronger protection of your data. This is an easy and important step to increase your security. 

Keep your VPN on

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that encrypts your data and protects your transfers from and to employers. Using a VPN will ensure that your data is safe and is protected from unauthorized access. Avoid public Wi-Fi for better safety. 

There’s plenty of ‘Phish’ in the CyberSea

Look out for any e-mails with a lot of grammatical errors, or that seem like click-bait. These are phishing scams waiting for your curiosity to give out sensitive information. Refrain from clicking on them and keep your guard up. 

Simple Trick – Complicated Passwords

If you use one device for your work and personal use, then it needs a strong password. Make sure no one but you has access to any of your work information or devices. Set up passwords that are hard to crack, include characters and symbols, etc. 

Use separate devices

If possible, use different devices for your work and personal use. This will organize your data separately and ensure that your work information gets the security it needs. 

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a simple security practice that verifies your identity before you access any private data. This verification can be set up using passwords, fingerprints or face recognition. If you’re not that tech-savvy, this is the easiest way to stop hackers. 


For some of us, work from home has been a blessing – no commute, more comfort and more productivity. We make sure your productivity stays high as you leave cybersecurity to us. 

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