Cyber Safety

Working remotely? Here’s a cyber security checklist for your organization.

The global pandemic of #COVID19 has made us business owners surrender to the Work from Home lifestyle with little notice and preparation.

It has been difficult indeed and I’d be speaking for all leaders out there when I say, “it’s exhausting”.

Just how unannounced came the pandemic, cyber attacks come with no warning sign.

Organizations have never been ‘more vulnerable’ .

Usage of newer softwares and third party services to make things work online has never been thought of as a replacement for regular work life. Naturally, most organizations (especially SMEs) don’t have proper policies or procedures in place to combat the cyber challenges of the same.

Given the new reality that we are all in, it is really important to note that cyber security MUST be the top concern right now for any business.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a simple checklist to protect your remote workers from cyber threats. 


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