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Top Cybersecurity Challenges for the Indian Armed Forces

Cyber Security in Defence and Intelligence is at the forefront of cyber-security risk, under constant attack and operating in inherently risky or hostile environments the defence and intelligence community is b...

Cyber Safety Cyber security

5 Cybersecurity challenges for Accounting Firms & How to Deal with them

In this era of digitalization, businesses from every sector are exposed to a variety of targeted security attacks. However, accounting firms are more susceptible to security threats than firms from other indust...

Cyber Safety Cyber security

Here’s how Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN) can help fight Man in the Middle Attacks

Eavesdropping is pretty common but virtually eavesdropping on someone without them knowing is increasing lately. Cybercriminals are now greatly resorting to Man-in-the-Middle attacks to gain confidential inform...

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Here’s why 2021 will be even bigger for Ransomware threats

Ransomware has been a destructive threat targeting businesses, government agencies, schools, and individuals. The ransomware attacks gained greater traction and diversity in 2020, and are expected to bring abou...

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The rise of Automotive Hacking: How to secure your vehicles against hacking

A hacker taking control of your car remotely and stealing it seems straight out of a movie script. But, that is exactly what is happening in reality in the past few years. Hackers have adapted themselves to thi...

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What is Sim Swap Fraud and how to protect yourself from it?

If you thought you’re being smart and risk-free by having two-factor authentication enabled on all your accounts, we hate to break it to you but hackers have found a way to bypass that too: SIM Swapping. It’s a...

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What is Passwordless Authentication and why you should be aware about it 

Passwords are the widely used universal authentication method but are vulnerable to a wide variety of attacks as well. Cyberattacks such as social engineering, phishing, and malware make passwords vulnerable. M...

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Cyber Safety Cyber security Quick Tips

Cybersecurity in Banking: How banks can deal with cyber risks

Digitalization is booming in all industries, including the Indian Banking Sector. From the implementation of the latest technologies to creating a presence on digital channels, the primary objective has always ...

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Cyber Safety Cyber security Quick Tips

What is Deepfake Technology and How can you spot them?

Deepfake technology, much like face morphing, is a product of Artificial Intelligence technology that is frequently used to create and disseminate fake video content and generate fake news. Hackers use this to ...

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How to detect a Wireless Sniffer on your Network

A wireless sniffer is a piece of software or hardware designed to gather and collect data that is transmitted through a computer network and decode the data into a format that is readable for humans. Wireless s...