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4 Reasons Smartphones are a Cybersecurity Risk for Businesses

Smartphones are a critical part of our daily business lives. With WFH becoming the new normal for most businesses, businesses have been reliant on its staff using their own personal devices including smartphones to push through the work tasks. There’s no denying that smartphones make lives easier in more than one way, the risk attached to using them as work devices cannot be ignored. Here are a few reasons why smartphones usage for businesses is downright insecure :

1. Using mobiles for daily tasks or as PoS systems is dangerous

Smartphones and tablets are less secure than computers as standard. And, the security measures company’s put in place for their desktops and overall networks often aren’t expanded for mobile devices leaving them without firewalls, encryption, or antivirus software.

2. Mobile breaches can lead to data theft, surveillance, and the hijacking of devices

Mobile malware can steal data, conduct surveillance, and even perform malicious advertising. It can also hide undetected on devices for some time.

3. Antivirus applications might not be as safe as we think

Perhaps even more concerning, a Forbes report in August revealed that antivirus applications for mobile devices that had seen 28 million downloads themselves opened the door for cyberattackers.

4. Application downloads are not the only attack vector for mobiles

Malware and other forms of attack reach mobile devices via application downloads, system vulnerabilities, phishing emails, the use of non-secure or public Wi-Fi connections, and even by text or voicemail phishing attacks.


While anti-virus apps and VPNs can secure your devices to an extent, cyber risks for smartphones are real and are here to stay. The only way to fight it is to stay more vigilant and aware of the risks and take the necessary steps to mitigate them in time.  

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